Along Top Road to Draycott…..

A bit of an iffy start to the day with some proper April Showers, but the sun came out to play after lunch so we took a windy single track lane that runs half way up the Mendips to Draycott.

The tree lined lane afforded glimpses down over Cheddar across the valley to the Reservoir and beyond.

With the fragrant wild garlic just coming into flower along the verges.

Until we dropped down into Draycott, being welcomed by the imposing Parish Church.

Nothing too significant in the village itself, which was very quite and peaceful, with some beautifully well kept older properties, so we just wandered around a bit and then tried to make our way back south of the A371, but unfortunately were unable to make any meaningful headway without taking a massive detour.

So we headed back the way we came. Still a good rural 8 mile walk, so I’m done in, even if Poppydog could do it all again!

Two thoughts of the day:

Am enjoying some early morning (thanks Poppydog!) walks up through the gorge whilst it is still quiet – just us and the goats!

Am enjoying this village site much more than I thought I would and the car is having a break too!


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