Cheddar family time….

Well we have just had a fabulous weekend with all the family in Cheddar. Dad is staying for the week in a static caravan on the site next door, Holly (my daughter who currently lives in Vancouver) is sharing with me and Poppydog for the week, Paul my brother who lives in Rickmansworth, stayed overnight with Dad, Mike my brother, his wife Di and John their son, travelled up from Cadgwith on the Lizard, staying overnight in a B&B along with Tom (my son) and Meg (his girlfriend) who travelled up from Truro. Full house! Well it was around midday when the heavens opened and there were 9 of us and one very excited Springer squeezed into Peggy!!

Fortunately the rain didn’t last for long, so after lunch we took a stroll into Cheddar up to the gorge for ice cream.

The thunder and lightning rolled in and out as forecast and we just caught the start of the torrential rain, soaking us to the skin in seconds! No problem, we were soon ensconced in Dad’s spacious lounge quaffing Chinese and a considerable amount of beer and wine! A lovely, lovely day.

Sunday dawned bright and clear and after a leisurely breakfast (fat boy size for those staying in B&B), we again wandered up to the gorge, a few of us deciding to go into Gough’s Cave. No we are it having a group chat on the phone, we are listening intently to the commentary!

I have to say, it was ok but not riveting and if the £12.95 entry had not included tea and cake at the end, I would have felt robbed!

The cafe was outside overlooking the gorge, so we enjoyed our drink, watching the groups of classic cars and motorbikes travelling through the Gorge.

After purchases of local fudge, cider and of course cheese and a wooden giraffe! were made, followed by more ice cream it was sadly time for fond farewells and return journeys. It has been such a lovely bonus for us all to get together, it is not often that we all make it, apart from Christmastime and indeed that will be the next occasion- so thank you, my lovely family.

Paul did ask, as he was leaving, if I could make my blog a bit more depressing and dull, as he finds it hard to read about my adventures whilst he is sitting or standing on the London Underground on his way into work! Well Paul, I’m sorry but ‘no’, I am living my dream and will tell it as I find it!