Cheddar Gorge Clifftop walk on the hottest day of the year?……

Today dawned bright and sunny as promised and after basking in the sunshine for most of the morning, we decided to do the Clifftop Walk, which is a 3.5 miles ‘strenuous’ circular walk. The walk takes you up one side of the Gorge, along the top and down the other end, then you cross the road and do the same all over again on the other side! For anyone considering, giving it a go, I will say the left hand side, starts and ends with a very cruel steep climb, whereas the right hand side is slightly (very slightly) less so and you have ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ as an aid (if you enjoy Steps, all 274 of them) on the way down. Also please note that the terrain is quite uneven and stoney, so at no point can it be considered easy going!

Having said all that, the views from the top are absolutely breathtaking.

Both out to the coastline of the Bristol Chanel, across to Wales and of course the other side of and indeed down into the gorge.

There were a few other folk, out and about doing the same thing, but sitting up on top, of either (or indeed both) in the full sun, with a lovely cooling breeze, was just incredible – pity I haven’t painted any stones yet as I would have left one on top of each! It was well worth the climb and I’m not sure who was panting the louder of Poppydog or I at points. I have the feeling that my face and shoulders might be a tad pink later!

At the end of the walk we resisted the temptation to sit in a pub garden to recharge, but carried on the mile or so back to camp and are now sitting in the semi shade, recharging over a well earned glass of wine (me that is, Poppydog happy with food and water).

Two thoughts of the day:

Was today the best day to go on such an expedition? Probably not, but I wanted to see the views on this clear day.

We shall both sleep well tonight! Oh and I’ve just got my flip flops out for the first time – oh yes!


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