Along Cheddar Yeo to Axbridge….

Another glorious day, oh yes this is just what we want, long may it last. We had a lovely 7.5 mile walk today, directly from the site entrance, we followed a footpath along by the Cheddar Yeo (river) for about 3 miles. It was really peaceful, just meadow after meadow.

Some of the meadows looked safe for Poppydog to zoom around and enjoy herself (which is always preferable to me being dragged along behind her!). To be fair she probably could have ‘off roaded’ most of the way, but to be on the safe side I put her back on the lead as we passed from field to field. It was so peaceful, not even a murmur of distant traffic, just birdsong to keep us company and we didn’t meet any other bods all the way!

We crossed a small bridge at Moorhouse Barn and turned in towards Axbridge up a farm lane.

And what a delightful little place Axbridge is?

Fabulous Tudor buildings mingle with more recent Edwardian houses around a small square, which on this sunny day was a great place to have a cold drink, share a packet of crisps with Poppydog and watch the world go by (and the buses squeeze themselves round the tiny little bends and rather random road junctions). The Tudor building on the left corner is King John’s Hunting Lodge, now a museum owned by the National Trust.

Before moving on we popped into the splendid Parish Church of St John, look at that ceiling!

We walked back via Cheddar Reservoir, which looked stunningly different in the full sunshine.

Even the ducks looked happier!

What a great day, this site is proving to be a hit with all the walks available, we haven’t needed the car at all yet.

Two thoughts of the day:

A heatwave has got to be at least a couple of months long before it counts as one – just saying!

Had to get the caravan manual out to work out how to keep the windows propped open! Tighten the knobs on the struts!


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